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I like drinking tea alone, and reading alone.

I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.

It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.

I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.

But when I see a mother with her child;

A girl with her lover;

Or a friend laughing with their best friend;

I realize that even though I like being alone

I don’t fancy being lonely.

after 3+ years on tumblr this is still the most relevant accurate thing i’ve ever seen
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this photo would have been perfect if it hadn’t of been for the ticket showing through my underwear 
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it’s so nice outside ☺️  ig: @_earthsea & twitter: @dabbyprincess
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Today is a lazy big jumper day 💚
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How to tell if someone’s life is together: it’s probably not

Ask me questions

why u so gorgeous gurl?
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| cut my hair even shorter |
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